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TINKA™ was born and incorporated under Versatile Straits Sdn Bhd, a homegrown edtech company. Its objective is to not only to create passive learners but also to create learners who possesses a higher-order digital and thinking skills. Its goal is to create a learning experience through “experiential learning”.


TINKA™ is positioned to be a Supplementary Enrichment and Enhancement program whereby its content is meta-tagged with curriculum data such as Learning Areas and Learning Outcomes as to enable self-paced, self-directed learning and also to support in-classroom and live-stream learning.

Subjects that we offer on our tuition centre for physical tuition class

Standard 1-6

Form 1-2

Form 3

Form 4-5

We also offer Personal Tuition 

1 Student – RM60/hour

2 Students – RM55/hour

3 Students – RM50/hour


Machine Learning

Code Analytics

Data Science

Data Science

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