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Get to know our tuition centre.

TINKA™ was born and incorporated under Versatile Straits Sdn Bhd, a homegrown Edtech company. Its objective is to not only to create passive learners but also to create learners who possesses a higher-order digital and thinking skills. Its goal is to create a learning experience through “experiential learning”.


TINKA™ is positioned to be a Supplementary Enrichment and Enhancement program whereby its content is meta-tagged with curriculum data such as Learning Areas and Learning Outcomes as to enable self-paced, self-directed learning and also to support in-classroom and live-stream learning. 



Democratize access to international standard quality education nationwide in order to produce intellectual and globally competent individuals towards the betterment of the nation.



Able to supplement classroom education with innovative content delivery methods via the TINKA™ Platform.

Subjects that we offer on our tuition centre for physical tuition class

We also offer Personal Tuition 

1 Hour – RM60/month

2 Hours – RM110/month

4 Hours – RM200/month


TINKA is an education centre in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Malaysia. We provide tuition classes for our students. Our digital education platform offers affordable online tutoring and learning content accessible from anywhere in the world.